Sunday, June 29, 2014

The best airport ever

Packing up the bikes and squeezing all our stuff into the bags was a sweaty two-hour ordeal, so we felt we had definitely deserved a visit to the Chitose (Sapporo) Airport spa. We had an early flight back home had planned to spend the night in sleeping bags on the floor of the airport but soon found out this was actually forbidden as the airport would be closed at night.

However, this being Japan, the airport has a very affordable spa where you can also spend a night in a "relaxation room". This means a quiet space with a large amount of reclining chairs where you can read, watch TV and fall asleep in the stylish yukata provided by the spa. We soaked ourselves in four different baths and enjoyed two different saunas in the evening, had breakfast in the morning and descended to the Japan Airlines check in desk feeling thoroughly pampered.

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